Download My GPL Office Backup Setup A Beginner S Guide On Setting Up Free Business Backup Software Ubuntu Linux Edition online

My GPL Office Backup Setup, A Beginner's Guide on setting up Free Business Backup Software, Ubuntu Linux Edition

Niall Donnelly

Format: Print Length

Language: English

Pages: 1044

Publisher: Niall Donnelly; 1 edition (November 15, 2012)


Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 9.7 MB

Downloadable formats: PDF

Business Backup Software And Processes Setup Guide - On FREE Software with No License Costs  - Clear Precise Setup Instructions, Step-by-Step with Screenshots - No Knowledge Of Linux Is Needed - Ideal For Beginners.

My GPL Office Backup Setup

A beginner's guide to setting up an office backup machine and processes using FREE GPL business backup software in your office, for those on a small budget. Any medium to large business with its own IT department often have the internal skills to know and use open source applications licensed under GPL (General Public License), saving money on license costs (which are free) and support (by using a wide set of forums online). But often these products, including backup software, have complicated instructions for beginners, particularly the setup and configuration of the products.

My GPL Office Backup Setup
 provides in easy to follow steps and screenshots all the actions needed to set up your own backup processes, without needing a background in IT.

This book includes every step needed to install and configure your backup software and processes, each step includes a screenshot, the action taken, a description of the action and why it is needed. Is this book for the absolute beginner? Not really, but if you are comfortable managing your own computer, then this book should be equally as manageable. Every effort has been made to ensure screenshots work on all versions of Kindle, the sample chapter can be used to check on your Kindle.

Topic include:

  • GPL means General Public License, what this means for business software, why it is free, and how your business can both use and benefit from this software.
  • Installing the backup office machine operating system and configuring it within your network.
  • Installing all required applications on the backup office machine.
  • How to backup and restore a Linux machine, a complete backup, a folder or just a single file.
  • How to backup and restore a Windows machine, a complete backup, a folder or just a single file.
  • How the business owner can use the backup machine to access documents when an employee is not available to do so.
  • How to manage and backup databases on a main office server, be it customer or application used databases.
  • The operating system of this book is Ubuntu Linux. Do not worry if you do not know Linux, a summary of the top 10 Linux commands you need to know is provided to cover all actions in this book.

To provide a complete example, this book uses its sister book, My GPL Office Setup, as the office environment of choice to show a complete set of backup processes. However, all the processes and concepts can be as equally applied to almost all office environments.

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