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Palm Beach Wives: 1

Pinky Dior

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It’s been 5 years since the girls left Boston and settled down in Palm Beach.

Over the years, Meghan's husband has secretly started to become verbally and physically abuse towards his wife. She puts on a façade that her marriage is the perfect marriage until her mother finally reaches out and comes to visit Palm Beach. After reuniting with her mother and forming a tight bond again, a tragedy strikes inside their home, causing Meghan to really open up her eyes to her marriage. As she contemplates leaving her husband, he starts to show her that he can change, but one day a shocking revelation sends Meghan over the edge. Is she willing to save her marriage again or will she finally put an end to their marriage for good?

Nicolette has also become a Palm Beach wife to John Porter, a well-known police officer. As he is protecting the streets, she’s running the boutique that was given to her after John’s mother passed away. Over the years, Nicolette felt herself becoming more insecure, falling out of love with her husband. She decides to step out of her marriage and interfere with someone else’s without stopping to consider that to every action there is a consequence.

Carmen loves being Romeo’s girlfriend, but she anticipates the day when he will get down on one knee and propose to her. Envious of her friends' lives as Palm Beach Wives within the first year, she wants to join their ranks. Although she has a beautiful house, designer clothes, and nice cars, she is tired of playing house with no ring. She thinks her dreams are coming true until Romeo's ex-wife returns to Palm Beach and her re-appearance could change things in her life forever.

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