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Theban Cycle


Oedipus Cycles



Theban Cycle





The campaign of Seven against Thebes

began without Return.


King of Thebes

Generous fearless Eteocles,

immediately you will know what think our enemies.

throwing lots who gate will take.

Each leader to fights.

All together Argives prepared to scatter

the fire and death in much afflicted Thebes.

I run to the gates of Thebes to fight

the Seven Warlords, I will take the seventh Gate.

Began the Theban Cycle

began Big Time Return,

seven rulers attacked in a town

that had seven gates.

Eteocles and Polynices, the two sons of Oedipus

when blinded their father,

they usurped the throne and decided to reign

from a year each one.

First became king Eteocles

but he refused to hand over the power,

when passed the first time.

Oedipus was blinded when he learned

how married his mother, divine Jocasta,

both sons they locked him in a basement,

do not see him Human eye.


Cursed my sons

I condemn to eternal loneliness of death,


you did not respect your old father,

the man who grew to you.

When Eteocles did not deliver the power,

in his brother Polynices.

He left went to Argos in the courtyard of Adrastos,

and married his daughter Argeia,

convinced his father in law, help him get

behind the throne that belongs to him.

Argives walked all together against Eteocles

and Thebes because exiled his brother Polynices,

did not respect the agreement.

The passions of family Lavdakidon never end.

Oedipus was shocked upon hearing

how he is father and brother with his children,

and he had married his mother.

Went crazy just learned what he made

and in his great misery he pulled his eyes,

with his own hands and threw the bulbs,

on the floor flooding with blood the palace.

The unfortunate king lost his light,

In a moment lost everything, the wife, children,

the kingdom, the all world.


My kids were treated hard to their father,

they put him in a basement for forgotten the evil

Oedipus raged so much that given heavy curse

in my children.

He said they will resolve their differences with sword

fighting for who will reign in Thebes.

The two brothers agreed to reign from


a year everyone. Eteocles turned away his brother

when he became king without hesitating at all.

Polynices was saddened a lot from his brother,

he went to Argos, married the daughter of Adrastos,

and now front the walls of Thebes seven-gate city

came with an army to conquer the city,

getting back that belongs to him.


You did not try to reconcile your children,

Eteocles and Polynices,

does not exist way to coexist.


Just before the war

I managed to meet the two brothers,

and resolve peacefully their differences,

day and night I request to find a satisfactory solution


Intrepid Tydeus is front in the gates of Proetos

swearing and shouting, sounds in all camp

until the impregnable walls of Thebes.


Brave Polyfontis will occupy this gate,

matched to the words of Jupiter,

and it is not in danger from his lightnings.


Awesome Eteoclos is opposite

in the Nistes Gates has terrible horses and

with the difficulty keeps the fierce animals.


Opposite he stood Megareas Creon,

original sperm of Sparta, not shies forth


to anyone and anything.


Prudent Eteocles

learn how the famous gate of Ogkas Athena

took Ippomedontas.


The son of Oinopion, Ypervios I choose it enter

opposite to face him.


Polynices is in front of you my king,

angry shouts, as a Beast asks to get back

the city that belongs to him, famous The


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