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Underneath THESE Skirts

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For 20+ years, her life had been a nightmare. She had been born in a poverty stricken and religiously possessed family. Her father, the modern day dictator had been verbally abusive, mean and discriminatory for as long as she could remember. Her mother submissive, naïve and timid. Her sisters unaware of what they wanted in life. It was her duty to rescue these three girls, as well as herself, from her father’s and societal bondage, as soon as she graduated, and started living her dream.

Her first and last night out with the girls changed all that. With only a few months to the end of her studies, she finds herself family-less, friend-less, money-less and pregnant.

Underneath THESE Skirts unravels her challenges as she transforms from an angelic college girl to a pariah pregnant woman. She’ll take you through her life as never before; share with you her dreams, fears, secrets and fights.

This though doesn't matter. What matters is her striving to become a beautiful rose that grew from concrete.

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