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Deja Rainique

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Imagine the most important thing you have being ripped away from you. Then the people you love and depend on leaving and betraying you. Now imagine, in your most vulnerable state, someone enters your life, and makes everything worse........
Young Shay is on the brink of discovering the power of the female body, but confounded by the sometimes unsavoury repercussions. She is also an infamous anomaly blazing a path of destruction through a small town, bringing shame to her home and ill repute to her own name. The source of her internal trauma; the most malicious and sexually depraved man you can envision.
She is preyed upon until her fear causes her to push any possible help away, and drives her into a state of depression and suicidal behaviour. Then a hero emerges offering sanctuary; but what he doesn’t know, is that she has become so tainted by her environment that even when removed from it she is the most destructive force to herself and those around her.

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